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Episode 22 - Starting a Property Management Company

This video features Maura McGraw, a full-time real estate investor since 2018, sharing her challenging journey of starting and running a property management company alongside her business partners, Danny Gonzalez and Aziz Shannara.

After purchasing a 42 property portfolio in Birmingham, Alabama and unsatisfied with existing property management services, they decided to establish their own company, Freedom Ventures Property Management.

Maura discusses the hurdles and steep learning curve they faced, from legal setup, office establishment to managing over 600 units in three years, and the importance of followership, scaling growth wisely, and focusing on core businesses without overextending.

Maura shares personal insights on how this experience taught her valuable lessons on leadership, growth, and the importance of maintaining a balanced life outside of business ventures.


00:00 Introduction to Property Management Challenges

00:39 Welcome to the Mastering Real Estate Podcast

01:23 The Journey Begins: Starting a Property Management Company

03:11 The Rollercoaster of Running a Property Management Business

07:31 Learning the Hard Way: Growth and Scaling Challenges

11:19 A Personal Pivot: Refocusing on Core Values

15:53 Key Takeaways and Closing Thoughts


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