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Episode 21 - Advanced Tax Strategies

In episode 21 of the Mastering Real Estate Podcast, host Maura McGraw reviews Amanda Hahn and Matthew McFarland's book, 'Advanced Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor.'
This episode builds on the fundamentals introduced in their first book, focusing on more sophisticated methods for minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing profits within the real estate domain.
Maura discusses the importance of understanding tax strategies for real estate professionals, emphasizing how many are likely to miss out on savings due to a lack of knowledge.
The book covers various topics, including tax planning, accelerated depreciation, benefits for real estate professionals, 1031 exchanges, retirement account savings, and more. It emphasizes proactive tax strategies, including the importance of biannual meetings with CPAs.
The episode highlights key strategies such as cost segregation, comparing flips and BRRR strategy, and the advantages of 1031 exchanges.
Maura encourages all real estate and tax professionals to read the book, rating it an 8 out of 10, for its comprehensive guide to optimizing tax returns through well-informed investment strategies.


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