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Episode 5 - Recession Proof Real Estate Investing

Episode 5 - Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing

J Scott’s "Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing” 

  • Overview of J Scott, his background, and experience.
  • Summary of "Recession-Proof Real Estate Investing” and the different methods to safeguard investments and capitalize on opportunities in the various economic phases.
  • The 4 phases are: 1–Expansion Phase, 2–the Peak Phase, 3–the Recession, and 4–the Recovery phase.

Key Takeaways and Action Steps 

  • Two Key Takeaways: #1--Learn to recognize each phase of the cycle; #2-Discuss how to adapt your strategy to each phase
  • This Book is great for...Moderately Experienced Investors and Real Estate Professionals. 

Overall Book Rating: 6 / 10

  • Well organized
  • Good info
  • A bit dry 

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