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Episode 2 - Project #1 Lessons Learned: The Importance of Market Research

Episode 2 - Project #1: The Importance of Market Research


  • Importance of learning from mistakes and avoiding common pitfalls in real estate investing.

Losing $30,000 on the First Project

  • Maura's personal account of her first real estate project in Pleasant Grove, Alabama.
  • Detailed account of mistakes made, including budget overruns, timeline delays, and pricing errors.
  • Acknowledgment of failures as crucial learning opportunities in the real estate industry.
  • The importance of sharing failures and avoiding the illusion of easy success in real estate. 

Lessons Learned and Silver Linings 

  • I learned a hard lesson about the importance of market research and the impact it could have had on project outcomes.
  • Advice for new flippers: find a mentor, shadow them for six months, and learn before jumping in.
  • Recognizing silver linings: the beauty of the completed house and the valuable lessons learned.

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